If you’re a college student looking for a part-time job, is the right place.

Kill two birds with one stone.

With, you can earning while learning.

Besides the Viral Marketing Plan, we also have part-time jobs for college students only.

We are looking for positive and motivated college students to join our team of Brand Ambassador


There are two types of English learning WeChat group: Basic(free to join) and Premium(for premium members only);

1. Recruit college students to join Basic English learning WeChat group; 

2. As the WeChat group administrator, organize members to learn English together.

3. Help the stand members upgrade to premium members.

4. If you already recruited more than 60 group members, we will allocate English native speakers to your group;  


Basic Salary

10*2=20 hours

20*50=1000 元

Commission A:100元/1人次

Commiss B: see the commission structure for the referral program;


Benefits for Brand Ambassador:

You'll get $20 commission every time one of your directly invited members paid to upgrades his membership.

Join WeChat and Skype language learning groups and practice a language.

If you also want to make money through helping foreigners with your mother tongue, you'll be the one to decided your hour rates.

The commission is calculated in gold coins.

one dollar = 100 gold coins.

You can ask to convert gold coins to real dollars.

Job Requirements

1.      College students with student ID card.

2.       A self-driven attitude

3.      A positive attitude both in mindset and interaction with others

4.      Willingness for earning while learning a second language.

How to apply the job?

Want to apply for the part-time job, please send a mail to

In most cases, your will receive a answer mail within 48 hours.

The invitation link for you to register at


Mail Subject: apply for Brand Ambassador

Mail Body:

A photo with one hand holding your student ID card;

Simple introduction about your college including the web address of your college;

You mother tongue;

Your username at

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