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Foreignteacher.com is a Multilateral Language Exchange Marketplace.

With the website, you can:

1. Learn any languages with native speakers;

2. Make money through helping foreigners with your mother tongue;

3. Make money through Viral Marketing Plan.

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http://www.iqiyi.com/w_19rtt3y6kp.html 外教市场,也是一个多国语言学习社区。 通过该网站,您能跟随老外学外语,也能帮助老外学中文。 此外,加入病毒营销方案,推荐好友能赚钱。
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首页最下方导航栏,找到 Language(en),点击,选择 带有中国国旗的版本(Chinese Simplified)。
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make money through our viral marketing plan
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